Christopher Camejo is the Director of Product Management for Threat Intelligence at NTT Security, one of the largest managed security and security consulting organizations in the world.

Mr. Camejo has more than 19 years of security experience, and has been with NTT Security for over 16 years with experience in the Security Operation Center, developing and supporting a managed email security service, and implementing security solutions before moving on to start the Ethical Hacking, PCI Assessment, and Risk Assessment practices for Integralis US. He has coordinated and conducted numerous large-scale, multi-discipline penetration tests, PCI assessments, and Risk Assessments for NTT Security’s global clients.

As part of NTT Security’s Global Threat Intelligence team, Chris determines how NTT Security can leverage its Threat Intelligence to support clients' needs and establishes partnerships to support NTT Security's Threat Intelligence capabilities. Additionally, Chris follows the latest tactics and techniques of attackers and helps educate NTT Security’s clients, clients from various other NTT operating companies, and the public on how to address strategic information security risks.

Mr. Camejo has presented at Black Hat, the DefCon Crypto and Privacy Village, RSA Conference, Infosec World, the ISSA Conference, Computerworld Expo, and at United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force meetings. His commentary has been featured in television and print information security news, including CBS Evening News, NBC News, CNN Money, USA Today, CSO Magazine, Secure Computing Magazine, Network Computing Magazine, and CRN.